Walk the Walk - Sunday, 7/11


AM Service_7/11

Did the Holy Spirit knock your socks off today?   From the praise and worship to the sermon, I could clearly feel the movement of God.  There were two women standing near me this morning who were very deep in worship - what a joy to witness this.  It was energizing and exciting!

Pastor Randy brought up a recent tragic event in our community, acknowledging the family’s need to vent, grieve and to be angry.  He asked that we ‘not be God, but represent God’ in our community.  Good one.  

His message this morning was loaded with - yes, I’m going to say it again…meat and potatoes.  He began teaching us about Legalism, stating how it makes a person bold - that all is right with them, and if you don’t agree with a Legalist – you are obviously wrong.  He used the Scribes and Pharisees as examples: Scribes were educated, religious men whose rules were never questioned.  Pharisees carried out their bidding, swarming into places and destroying them.  Right or wrong, no questions asked.  Aren’t you glad we serve a God of love and compassion whose rules make our lives and those around us better on every level? 

“Stop worrying so much about the rules and regulations and start practicing having a relationship with Him.  The rules and regulations that He has through your relationship will fall in line without you even trying”, said Pastor Randy.

That old saying ‘Practice what you preach’ comes to mind.  You can be sure that as soon as someone in the world finds out that you are a Christian they will be watching you, like the Pharisees watched Christ – waiting for you to make a mistake.  I am human – and there are days.  Sometimes things come out of my mouth before I can stop them.  Walking with God has given me the ability to apologize more readily, to admit I was out of line and to maintain better control of my mouth.  Could I have done that before?  Not so much!

This brings me to the part about inviting others to church.  Pastor said that most people don’t have a problem with God or Jesus, they have a problem with his ‘kids’.  I, for one, have not attended a church in the past because of a few of the people that were in it.  Not this church, mind you, but in any case…was I missing a blessing from God simply because I chose to fold my arms, pout, stomp my feet and not go? Maybe.    

Best quote of the day:

God is love, compassion, life, grace, sympathy, has empathy.  He is the Great Shepherd, Pastor, Leader, Guide, Deliverer and most importantly the Soon Coming King.   –Pastor Scroggins