The Word of Life - Sunday, 6/27


If you missed it, watch the video!  Pastor Randy gave us the usual ‘meat and potatoes’ in his sermon.  I don’t know if there is one sermon I walk away from that does not affect my thoughts, and therefore my life.  His messages always feed us.  The ‘dessert’ is left up to your own interpretation.   Perhaps it is the positive change in your life through God and how it affects those around you.  

At a regional conference last week a statement in particular got a hold on him that he found unshakeable.  It was this: ‘The largest majority of Christians have no idea what is in the bible.’  Being that he is someone who is supposed to give us the bible, he felt a great responsibility and said he ‘can’t let it go’.  Hold on and buckle up folks, it looks like we are going to be in for a wild bible-ride!
Some call it the Word of Life, the The Book or the Covenant, while to others it is simply an impressive coffee table book.

Apparently most Christians only read their bible for about 20 minutes a week - at church.  “If I can just get you to open The Book, it will save you a multitude of sorrows…the largest majority of Christians don’t know what’s in the bible”, said Pastor Randy.  How many of us felt the Holy Spirit point a finger in our direction? 

I do wonder, if I can find the time to watch a show on television, surf the internet or walk my dog, why can't I find more time to read our manual?  Pastor encouraged us to simply start with Proverbs - to read just one chapter a day.  I can do that!
Lastly, Joshua wrote a beautiful song and performed it for us today.  I took the opportunity to look around and observe the dynamics of our church family during this quiet moment.  You should try it sometime – you will be blessed.  The New Beginnings family is awesome!

‘Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path’ Psalms 119:105