Something Out of Nothing - Sunday 1/9

 AM Service_1/9
Pastor Randy’s sermon today was taken out of Luke 9:10-17, about the miracle of Jesus feeding 5,000 people who came to see Him.  As I was reading through it I found myself looking to the other Gospels to follow the story again.  Reading back in Luke 9:1-6, Jesus had just met up with the disciples after they had been sent out by Him to preach the gospel and heal people – this is the first time Jesus sent them out to not only represent Him by word but also by deed.  They all went into the town of Bethsaida to talk, and most likely find some rest.  But the crowds heard about them and followed.  Once again Jesus spoke and healed the sick.  It seems that unless He is in the middle of a raging storm on the sea, Jesus can’t catch a few moments of rest!  I had not thought about how tired He must have been toward the end of His time on earth until we began working through the Book of Luke.  This is yet another ‘growth moment’ in my walk.
“There are skeptics all around; there are those who will never be satisfied with what God is doing right in front of their eyes”, said Pastor Randy.  He was talking about some of the other miracles we have been reading about in Luke.  Skeptics might think the calming of the storm was a coincidence, or that Jairus’ daughter was not dead, she was just sleeping.  “But this event cannot be dismissed or explained away. Three factors went into the feeding of the 5,000 that we would call today ‘a media event’”, he said.   First, there were 5,000 witnesses; second, they were in a desert area where no food could be hidden somewhere; and third, the miracle met an immediate need for every person in the crowd.  At this time Jesus is already looked upon as perhaps being ‘The One’ when all these people witness this miracle, of which Pastor says ‘ups the ante in several, significant ways’.  “He is revealed as the Lord of Creation, the One who multiplies, and the One who takes nothing and makes something”.
There was also a significant lesson in this Chapter regarding the disciples.  They tell Jesus they should send the people to the villages for food and lodging; “They came to Jesus with a solution to a problem”, said Pastor.  Of course, Jesus had a different idea and told the disciples to feed the people.  I’m sure the disciples’ response was not unexpected for they knew it was impossible for them to do that, so Jesus gave them a task they could do – seat the people into groups of about 50.  “He commanded the disciples to feed the people only to elicit their admission that they could not do it.  The need being met here is not so much the need for full bellies…the more important need is the disciples’ need to minister”, said Pastor Randy.  He asked us if we wish to serve the Lord; after all He has done for us, what other desire could we have?  “We start with an awareness of a need and the desire to meet it…add to that an awareness of our own inability to meet that need…then the determination to obey Jesus in the face of that inability…then we have set the stage for God to meet the need – and He will do it by using those very resources that were so inadequate when they were in our hands.”  Pastor encouraged each of us to ‘break out the bread and the fish’ and get to work.  “Are you ready to get your bread and fish so you can reach people out there to hear about Jesus?  God is ready to take your nothing so He can change that nothing into something”.
Best Quote of the Day:
“Don’t stay focused on the problem very long, if you do – it will be the only thing you see when the answer arises”.  –Pastor Randy Scroggins