So Much To Do, So Little Time - Sunday 8/22

AM Service_8/22


Something has been on my mind for days: Getting involved is not only about cleaning the church, greeting, helping in the nursery or teaching, etc.  It’s also about the community.  Not enough of us get involved politically, through commentaries or even input on commercials.  Years ago when living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we called the local newspaper and had them cancel our subscription.  There was a three-page article which promoted an ‘underground’ lifestyle complete with photos.  It was unacceptable material and our daughters were old enough to read.  We were told that each subscriber’s input equaled one thousand subscribers.  In Roseburg and surrounding areas that would obviously equal less, but the same concept remains.  Get onto our local paper’s website and comment on articles.  Be a witness – draw people in to God.  The majority of comments out there are not in favor of Christian and conservative lifestyles.  I recently invited a person on that site to our church to ‘come and see’.  What about city council meetings or school board meetings?  How many of us are doing what Pastor Randy asked of us – to take a handful of the business cards and use them to invite people to church?  Helping in the house of God is vital to our existence as a church family, please don’t get me wrong.  I just feel that there is work to be done outside these walls too.


Today we were presented with the second and third lessons in a series of eleven about fashioning ourselves and this church after the ministry of Jesus.  The second lesson was not a comfortable one for Pastor Randy to present.  He was teaching us about the need for men in the church.  Our church does have a sizeable population of men but he is passionately seeking more.  Why?  God wants men in leadership roles (not only in the church but in their homes).  Pastor states that senior leadership is reserved for men – it’s in the Bible.  If you are looking for scripture to back his lessons he said “Read the Bible, read the Bible, read the Bible!”  Jesus chose men for his disciples because that’s what God instructed.  Jesus preached to women and walked alongside women, but discipleship is set aside for men.  He said that a house with a woman in total control is a house out of order.  Clarification: Follow everything the Bible says to do with a great heart unto God – you can’t help but prosper.  Where are the men?  Are they sleeping?  Sixty percent of the people currently attending church are women.   In homes that serve the Lord, he said there is a need to establish not who is going to be a ruler, but who is going to be authoritative.  Pastor asked the men to put their pants back on and take responsibility for their household.  If God is in the mix – God will put order in your house. 


As women of God we also have great responsibilities.  Check out Proverbs 31:10-31. In verses 25-28 it reads: ‘She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.  She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.  She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.  Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her’ (NIV).  I don’t know what this does for you, but it puts wind under my wings and causes me to reflect on who I am.  I want to be that Proverbs Woman!


In the third lesson, he shared with us that Jesus picked out leaders who are already doing things. “Past results often reveal future performance…odds are if you are lazy today, you’ll be lazy tomorrow”.  God is looking for people to serve who have their homes and lives in order and are not lazy, and He is calling for people who are achievers.  Serve!  Show up to church each Sunday!  Get involved!  Choose to live to the best of your ability every day.  Pastor Randy asked us to knock a few things off the ‘To Do’ list so we can accomplish something for the kingdom.  Every little thing helps – it all matters!


Lastly, be careful of what you do and how you ‘represent’.  Guard yourself and your walk.  Let's say someone sees you, the Christian, do something you shouldn't (cheat, drink, gossip, etc.). It may cause that person to think it is okay that he or she does the same.  Who knows what that may lead to.  What if that person is predisposed to an act or an addiction, or in recovery?  Now there’s something to ponder.  How did you represent the Kingdom today?


Best Quote of the Day:
"Procrastination breeds procrastination" - Pastor Randy Scroggins