On the Mountain 2 - Sunday, 1/30

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Pastor said something today that I needed to be reminded of, he told us that we do not control the spirit of the Living God, He shows up in His time and blesses you when He wants to.  “Don’t dictate or control God”, he said.  How many times do we place something in His hands and then take it back in an attempt to ‘fix’ it ourselves?   God knows all the details, and He knows the perfect time to take care of each situation.  Isaiah 40:31 - ‘…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint’ (NIV).  There are promises in this scripture: God’s strength to revive us in times of suffering and exhaustion, the ability to rise above our troubles, and the ability to run spiritually without tiring.  He has promised us that if we patiently trust Him, He will provide what we need – constantly.  What a great and awesome God we serve!
We went back to the scripture from last week, Luke 9:28-36, where we learned the reasons why Jesus went up to the mountain, it was for encouragement for “…He was about to take the trip of a lifetime”, said Pastor Randy.  Last week he talked about the significance of Jesus being up on the mountain, this week we learned the significance of Elijah, Moses and the three disciples’ visit up there.  “As Jesus prepares to set foot on the last journey to Jerusalem and the cross, which then would usher in the New Covenant, two representatives of the Old Covenant show up to see Him off.  It is my opinion they were there to encourage Jesus and to give Him strength…to encourage the One who was about to make the trip of His life.  Moses and Elijah were there for Jesus’ sake, but also for their own.  Their own salvation ultimately depended upon Jesus going through with His sacrifice.  They knew their trip to Heaven was based upon His successful trip to the cross”, said Pastor.  You see, in order to go to Heaven you need to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior; but at that time He had not died on the cross yet, so in the Old Covenant the saints were in a place called ‘Paradise or Abrham’s Bosom’.  So Jesus’ final trip to Jerusalem held great importance to Moses and Elijah, for then they and others would finally be taken into Heaven under the New Covenant.
Then there were the disciples who apparently still did not get the real meaning of what they were witnessing on the mountain.  “Nevertheless, had they been paying better attention, there were a couple of things they might have profitably noticed…one is that they were experiencing the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy in Luke 9:27; ‘But I say to you truthfully that there are some of those standing here who shall not taste death until they see the Kingdom of God’.  The disciples were granted, before their deaths, to see the Kingdom in the glory of the King as it will not be seen again until it comes.  This experience of theirs has become a prototype for a kind of experience that God still grants His people, to encourage and inspire them along the way.  It is because of this passage…that we still speak of to this day as a ‘mountain top experience’.  There was another important lesson for the disciples in contrast to what they experienced on the mountain and that’s what was happening down in the valley”, said Pastor.  There was that ‘mountain top experience’, but the needs in the valley – the need to minister to the people - was still there. 
I get it – God grants us these spiritual ‘mountain top experiences’ to encourage us and give us strength, a cool drink of spiritual water so to speak, so we can walk through the dry valleys of our day to day lives and work to save souls for Him.
Best Quote of the Day:
“Heaven is reaching for you.  Hell is afraid of you.  God is depending on you.”
-Pastor Randy Scroggins




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