Go Toward Life - Sunday, 7/31

AM Service_7.31.11

During praise and worship this morning I was inspired by one of our visitors.  He was enjoying the music so much that it looked like he was about to bust a move!  It was a blessing, and actually it made me realize how much I still hold back during praise and worship.  Note to self: Let more Go and let more God. We really have a great worship team! 

Pastor Randy’s sermon was from Luke 13:1-5 today – Repent or Perish.   Jesus said ‘But unless you repent, you too will all perish’.  “People don’t want to talk about repentance anymore…the subject is unpopular.  What is popular in pulpits is self-love, self-esteem, self-actualization, not repentance.  You can be a theologian and go to hell if you don’t what?  REPENT.  So this word is very important, is it not?  Of all the words in our language this word ‘repent’ is the most important.  Jesus uses it twice in five verses…it means to change one’s life course or direction.  You’re going toward sin, you turn around and go toward God; you’re going toward death, you turn around and go toward life”, he said.

Pastor told us that repentance is something you do to become a Christian and to grow as a Christian.  That if you do something to go against God or another human being you must repent.  Imagine how much better our society would be if everyone would be willing to admit their mistakes and repent – to ask for forgiveness.  I believe that we don’t see ourselves as others do.  I have a close coworker and friend who I have asked to let me know if I have stepped out of line at any time, sure that I don’t always see things the way that I should.  She’s been great helping with my accountability. 

Pastor Randy said: “We don’t always know what God is doing.  We live by faith and not by sight.  We get some of our questions answered in this life but the Bible teaches elsewhere that we know that in part.  We see it dimly.  One day when we’re with Jesus on the other side of resurrection all the questions will be answered.  We’ll see it all clearly.  We’ll know it all fully.  Until then, we live by faith, not by sight.  God doesn’t give us answers to all our questions.  He gives us Jesus!  Someone Who has suffered and died and risen to take away our sin, give us new life and get us to the Kingdom where it all makes sense.  Are you ready to die?  You’re going to die.  You say ‘I will get ready’ – but you do not know when you will die, so get ready right now...  Repent or perish.”

Jesus died for our sins and by faith in Him and grace from Him, we can put our sin to death.  Pastor told us not to hide our sin in shame, not to excuse it, tolerate, nurture, embrace or defend it but to kill it.  That is repentance.

Best Quote of the Day:

“We are all sinners save by grace” – Pastor Randy Scroggins