Biker Sunday

Biker Sunday, wow-we had a great time this past Sunday.


Many thanks go out to all that participated in our Biker Sunday.


We had people from all over who came including Pastor Lee and his group of insane people from the coast.


          We were reminded again that we live in a free country however freedom was and is not free. There was a price to pay and many of our young men gave the ultimate price.


          God help us to make sure we treat our servicemen and women with the respect that they deserve.


          Kevin came down and sang and did an amazing Job as usual, while singing the moving song, “Statue of Liberty” thanks Kevin.


          Then our own Don and Becky did as usual a great Job in leading the service.


I am so pleased as Pastor to have a ministry that includes another side of life, let all of New Beginnings hear this, we had better get used to people who don’t look just like us, sing just like us, wear the same clothes as us, because heaven is going to be filled with people who is not like us. However we will all have one thing in common, we will all have the blood of Jesus Christ flowing through our veins.


For that I say, “Praise the Lord”


          Get ready for this Sunday, I will be preaching a message the title, “Jesus Loves sinners” it looks like at this point it will be a good one.


          Pastor Randy