A Pastor's Job is Never Done! - Sunday 10/17


AM Service_10.17


Today was not only Pastor Appreciation Day, but it was New Beginnings Church of God’s 11th Anniversary!  Pastors Randy and Lisa Scroggins have held fast to their motto ‘Where the judging is left up to God and the loving He leaves to us’ all these years, and as you look around at our church family it is obvious.  Like Joshua Scroggins said “You can have a man in one seat in a three-piece suit, and a man in the next seat covered in tattoos, piercings and wearing leather head to toe and they will be the best of friends”.  What an unlikely scene - but there is no other scene I’d rather be a part of than this one.  Pastor Randy has expressed many times what an honor it is to shepherd us and to lead people to Christ.  Pastor, it is an honor to serve in this church and to receive guidance and love from both you and Lisa.  We ARE a family and this IS a place to come home to
Several of our church family members got up to share their appreciation for Pastors Randy and Lisa Scroggins and a couple of things in particular stood out to me – one spoke of a young man who was judged by his appearance when he walked into another church they used to attend, she knows that same young man would have been accepted and loved at this church - she is so right about that!  Another shared that he sees how much the Pastors love us through observing how the congregation interacts and loves one another.  Great compliments – great truths! 
Joshua Scroggins delivered the message today.  He spoke to us about Nehemaiah, a man who accomplished seemingly impossible tasks because of his dependence on God.  Joshua told us that Nehemaiah was a cupbearer for the King and he spoke of the trust the King had for Nehemaiah, since it was his job to protect him from being poisoned.  Joshua likened the cupbearer’s job to Pastor Randy’s job in the way that he must have a very close relationship with the King (as we all should, right?) but that he is also entrusted to keep us spiritually alive and healthy. 
Nehemaiah used half his men to continue rebuilding the protective wall around Jerusalem, while the other half were out protecting the workers with spears, swords, bows and armor.  The workers were literally carrying materials with one hand and a sword in the other, while the builders wore a sword at their side – ready to do battle if needed, for there were many opposed to the rebuilding of the wall (see Nehemaiah 4:17-18).  In comparison (my analogy); a Pastor is charged with building a “spiritual hedge” around his life, his family and his church (i.e. the wall).  He is also charged with protecting these things by arming himself with prayer and a true heart for God and His people (i.e. the protector).  His congregation is to be trained and equipped to do battle against strongholds while caring for one another inside and outside the church walls (i.e. the workers).  And his ministry team is assembled to assist him with the training and keeping the spiritual wall strong, while ready to do ‘battle’ at any time (i.e. the builders).  Pastor Randy’s job is a calling and I’m pretty sure most of us are not up to the 24-7 task that he has been charged with.  I’m thankful he listened to the call and has chosen Roseburg, Oregon, as his New Beginnings home.  There is not one sermon I walk away from that does not alter my thoughts in some way and make me want to be better equipped, spiritually and mentally.
“It is the Pastor’s job to equip the saints, but more than equip us – he is to give us the tools, abilities and vision and then just let us go!", said Joshua.  Pastors Randy and Lisa are excited about their vision for this church to grow and to reach all of Douglas County.  By equipping us and letting us go – we can do that, and they are more than willing to help us all get ready to reap the harvest together!