Our Goal


It is our goal…

If you are hurting and want help, there is healing and hope, through the sharing of Jesus Christ to experience the unlimited ability He has to love all of us, regardless of where we have been.

After lives have been changed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, out goal is for you to move into maturity through classes and other resources available.
That once we have shared Christ and seen His changing power active in the lives that surround us, we go forth through the week, even on our jobs, schools and home, making a difference in our community.


That we have a variety of different kinds of music in order to capture all tastes, but the prominent style of music in our worship is contemporary so that we can continue to be on the cutting edge and do not lose touch of what God is doing in America today.

That we reach a minimum of 5,000 people in ten years and furthermore, that we have planned formulas for ways to reach those God has given us.